Andy's Movie Database

"Andy's Movie Database" is a small program to let you index and search through your DVDs and movies.
It's design is minimalistic compared to similar programs, but it let's you enter and search through the most important details about a movie, which can be automatically imported or entered manually.


  • Automatic search by title and import of movie details from TMDb
  • Movie details: title, year, length, genres, version (i.e. Director's Cut), language, format (DVD/BlueRay/etc.), director, main actors, location (can be linked to a file), URL on TMDb/IMDB, notes and synopsis
  • Search for title, actor, notes, etc.
  • Order movies by title, length or year
  • Filter movies by genre, language and length
  • No install required
  • Freeware!
  • Program has a very creative name

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Note: This program is Windows only and requires the Microsoft .Net framework, which you can get here if you don't run Vista or Windows 7.


The Main Window
The program's main window. Here you can quickly filter and search your movies.
Doubleclick a movie in the list or click on the small 'Movie Info' field, to open the Detail Window
Use the 'Movie' menu to add a new movie

The Search Window
The Search Window
You can enter a title per hand or drag a movie file onto the textbox

The Edit Window
The Edit Window. Most details are filled in automagically.
If you drag a file into the location box, you can later start the movie from the Movie Details window.
You can also use the 'load' button to parse movie details from a given TMDb url if you are in manual edit mode

The Detail Window
The Movie Detail Window